Calculated Sequence data in Output Stream

Is it possible to output calculated sequence data as phasors?

  1. I have PMU with phase quantities, 3 U and 3 I.
  2. There is BulkSequenceCalculator running, calculated sequence values (Mag, Ang) are stored in PPA.
  3. I have Output Stream with PMU from point 1.
    I would like to add Positive Sequence Voltage and Current, but how to do that?
    Simple addition of V+ and I+ phasors to Output Device is not populating values, PMU Connection Tester has “NS” there.
    OpenPDC has version 2.9.148.

The calculated sequence values are enumerated behind normal measured phasors, so yes, as long as your output stream delay adds a little time to accommodate the calculation delay these values can be added to a PMU output.

Thank you, it works well according to Creating virtual output devices. I had to rename Signal references, because originally the had different index numbers for Magnitude and Angle, as created by BulkSequenceCalculator. So I had to rename them as PMX and PAX same way as Phase Vectors are created.