Automatic Daily Reporting - Error "Unable to enable reporting services"


I encounter an error when trying to activate / enabling the automatic daily reporting function.

I’ve managed to deal with this error months ago on one of my servers (as I remember but not sure : by configuring this switch to ‘enable’ in a .config file), but I can’t remember which file and what was the tag used for it.
Producing the 2 completeness and correctness reports manually is working by the way ; but I can’t imagine doing this manually each day.

Could you please tell me :

  • If this error is due to a known bug and can be fixed in a next version of openPDC / openHistorian version ?
  • What is the file (or maybe a DB parameter ?) and tag that can enabling this function without having to use the openPDC Manager ?

Thanks a lot for your answer,

Have a nice day,


Edit : I’ve just found that the manual solution is to insert the following lines in the openPDC.exe.config file in the processScheduler block :

 <add name="CompletenessReporting" value="0 2 * * *" description="Minute 0, Hour 2, Any Day, Any Month, Any DayOfWeek"
        encrypted="false" />
      <add name="CorrectnessReporting" value="0 2 * * *" description="Minute 0, Hour 2, Any Day, Any Month, Any DayOfWeek"
        encrypted="false" />

Anyway, strange that the ‘enable’ button of openPDC Manager doesn’t work …

We may want to get a copy of your log file when the error happens since we cannot seem to replicate this.


Hello Ritchie,

Thank you for your answer.

I’ve reproduced the issue and surprisingly there is no entry in the error.log file, neither in the Windows events log system and applications. Event if the Manager seems to be connected to the service (green light in the upper right corner), I restarted the openPDC service. It the started to work fine again.
This is not necessarily representative of the case for which, even with a restart of the service, this feature systematically sent me an error message. However, with the workaround method consisting of manually adding the appropriate tag in the openPDC.exe.config file, I think I will be able to use it.

I will have other environments to install over the next few weeks/months. I remain on standby on the subject to remember to capture any logs if ever the ‘blocking’ case occurs again.