Automate CSV Export?


The archived PMU data I have are in .D file format and I have 100,000 .D files! I can use "Statistics Trending Tool” to convert .D file to CSV, one file at a time. Are there ways to combine multiple .D files into one in order to reduce the number of files to be exported? Are there any ways to automate the CSV export?

Thank you!


HI Cindy,

The Historian Trending Tool should be able to open multiple .d files at once so long as they’re all in the same folder and use the appropriate naming convention. There are no automation tools for generating CSV exports, but the Historian API and the Historian Trending Tool are both open source so automation can be achieved with a little bit of coding effort.


Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your respond. I can now export multiple .d files. I have about 1.5 years of data (10GB!) and it takes 1 hour to export 5 hours of data to CSV/ binary file to be read in MATLAB. Do you have any suggestions on how I can reduce the conversion time? Or is there other ways to read .d files directly by MATLAB/ Python?


Matlab supports the use of .NET objects, perhaps you can use the ArchiveReader object directly from within Matlab to read the historian data?